10 of the best: Ways to get more from your Tennis TV experience

With new features being launched all the time, there’s a lot more to Tennis TV than just watching matches!

From creating your own playlists to following us on social media, we’ve put together the top 10 ways we think you can make the most out of your Tennis TV experience….

1) Download the apps

To get more out of your subscription and enjoy Tennis TV your way, download our full range of apps today! From iOS and Android mobile apps to OTT platforms including Roku, XBox One, PlayStation 4 and Apple TV, you can watch all the action from the ATP World Tour on your preferred device. 




2) Personalise your experience

Enjoy Tennis TV your own way by adding all your favourite matches and videos from over the years to MY CHANNEL. Don’t have enough time to watch a full match replay? Add the match to My Channel to create your own bespoke playlist – then come back to it later!

Find out more about MY CHANNEL


3) Watch multiple matches at once

Want to keep track of all the live matches at once? Look no further than the multi-court feature, now available on our website. Enjoy up to four matches at the same time, meaning you never have to miss a shot!




Find out more about using the multi-court feature

4) Set up alerts for your favourite players

Head to the PLAYERS channel to set up alerts for your favourite players on your mobile or tablet.

You can receive alerts whenever one of your favourite players is about to begin a match or whenever they feature in a new video published on Tennis TV.

Simply enable push notifications on your phone or tablet to receive alerts and ensure you never miss a moment on the ATP World Tour! Find out more about setting up alerts


5) Use our tournament pages

Head to our Tournament Schedule and click on the tournament you’re interested in for all the content related to that event – including replays, highlights and much more!

You can also search from the drop down list to find the year of matches you want to watch.



This feature is available for all 64 ATP World Tour tournaments that we cover.


6) Sign up to our newsletter

Keep up to date with all the latest matches, news, special offers and upcoming tournaments by signing up to receive our exclusive weekly newsletter.

Simply contact us and request to be signed up so you can keep in touch with the ATP World Tour.


7) Follow us on social media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for amazing content, behind-the-scenes footage, Instagram Story player takeovers at the Masters 1000s and lots more!


8) How can we help?

If you have a question about Tennis TV or need more information about what we offer, head to our Help Pages which cover a range of topics.


9) Stats amazing!

Interested in match and player statistics? Click the Match Stats button (top left) during a live match or while watching a replay for a summary of statistics. 


10) If you can’t watch…listen!

ATP Tennis Radio launched in April 2017 and there’s never been a better time to tune in! It’s available on the Tennis TV website and apps – as well as on InTune

Bringing you live and uninterrupted commentary from every Masters 1000 event – plus news, exclusive interviews and great features 24/7 – listen today to get your tennis fix even when you can’t watch Tennis TV!

Start listening now.